User Testing/ Ergonomics, Photoshoot!…

Yazy is back!

Before dismantling my donor product, I wanted to experiment and get used to the functionality of the product to see who it works; also to elaborate on the ergonomics and comfort in which you’d hold the product.

When I was doing the photoshoot of the different ways in which you could hold the product and there is a wide variety in my opinion as it is reasonability comfortable to hold. However, the strap on the side of the speaker, is an unnecessary feature to have. Despite in the manual it says it’s a strap for people to hold the portable speaker, its not very practical because its very big and physically to small width to even hold by your fingers. Therefore a impractical feature and just a waste of manufacture and considering sustainability of mass manufacture its wasting cost on materials to produce such a small strap. If they would like the make it such a worth while feature, make it bigger!

Love Yazy xox


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